Top Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Top Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Having a small kitchen doesn’t have to be the end of the world when you take the time to create solutions instead of allowing clutter to build up. There are plenty of ways to add spaces throughout a kitchen for extra storage when you get creative. Here are some of the top ideas you can implement today.

Rolling Cart

If you want an island, but don’t have the room, consider adding a rolling cart to your kitchen. It can be stored in another room of the house when not in use. With modern suspension casters attached to the legs, it’s easy to roll from one space to another when you need it.


A pegboard can be a handy addition when you have a lot of kitchen tools. Paint it to make it match your decor and then use an assortment of pegs to hang all of your items. You’ll enjoy having everything within reach and easily accessible when you’re cooking.

Cabinet Tops

If you have space above your cabinets, use it to your advantage. Collect baskets to contain items and make the area look neat and clean. Label each basket if you can’t remember what you’re storing in them, especially if the items are rarely used.

Magnetic Strips

Use magnetic strips on your backsplash or underneath cabinets to create spaces where your knives or spiced can be stored. These handy items can be attached in multiple small spaces where other storage solutions won’t work.


Add hooks on the walls and on the backs of doors to create plenty of options for hanging aprons, kitchen tools, cutting boards and other kitchen equipment. This frees up space in the cabinets for items that can’t be hung up.

Which storage solution are you most excited about? Try one or more of these options out today to instantly make your kitchen feel more spacious.

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