How To Watch Cable on Two or More Television Sets

How To Watch Cable on Two or More Television Sets

You love your cable service, but what if you want to watch it on more than one television set at a time? It is possible with some extra equipment. Here’s how to watch cable on two or more television sets.

Purchase an Additional Receiver

If you want the ability to watch two different programs on two different television sets, you will have to purchase another cable receiver. Contact your cable company. They’ll send out a professional installer to set it up for you.

Get a Splitter

If you want the same program playing on two different screens, then you will need to invest in both a splitter and a coaxial cable.

A splitter takes the signal from your cable service and splits it before sending it to two different sources. By using rf splitters, you split that signal into two weaker ones, enabling you to watch the identical program on two separate screens. Just make sure the signal is still strong enough to enjoy your favorite programming by using a frequency selective voltmeter to test the strength of your signal.

Buy a Coaxial Cable

By splitting your cable signal, you want to make sure you keep as much electrical input as possible, so invest in a coaxial cable. This type of cable is a transmission line that carries high-frequency electrical signals. These cables are used for cable service, internet networking and to connect a radio to an antenna. You can purchase these affordable cables at most hardware stores.

Whether you want to watch different programs on different sets in your home or you simply want to watch a program on two separate screens, today’s technology provides you with the solutions you need. If you’re not technically savvy, hire a technician, and you’ll be enjoying your additional service in no time.

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