Three Ways to Outfit Your Truck for Construction Work

Three Ways to Outfit Your Truck for Construction Work

With the demand for construction professionals continuing to grow, you may be contemplating a move to construction management (CM) and inspection. Infrastructure projects in particular require engineers and inspectors to have vehicles that can safely travel to and within a jobsite. You can buy or lease a new truck with features conducive to work zone operation or you can make mods to an existing vehicle. Here are some simple mods with which you can start.

Aftermarket Lights

Heavy civil work zones often require CM personnel to exit regular traffic and enter a work zone is guarded by barrels. It is strongly recommended that you add lights that flash in the front, rear and top of your truck to warn other drivers. The last thing you want is for another motorist to follow you into a work zone because they did not recognize your vehicle as a work truck. Flashing lights also warns other drivers and equipment operators of your presence onsite. Avoid using the same colors as that of emergency and police vehicles. A provider of aftermarket truck lightingcan help you install a custom setup.   

Mud Tires

Because work zones often have large unfinished driving surfaces of mud and grass, consider upgrading to mud terrain tires. Designed to provide extreme traction in mud, gravel and other off-road surfaces, these tires offer improved stability and gripping. Don’t be the person who gets stuck in the mud with regular tires!


As a field professional, there are a number of items you should keep in your vehicle. Work boots, wellingtons, hard hats, safety vests and other protective gear are just some of the items you should keep on hand. Consider adding a toolbox to your truck bed or a caddy that fits under the back seat. These not only provide organization, but also give you a place to securely and discreetly store the essentials.

You’re only as good as your equipment. The standard pickup truck or SUV may include features that are conducive to work zone operation. Simple modifications can help transform your vehicle into a mean, construction oversight machine.

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