3 Things You Can Do to Freshen Up Your Space

3 Things You Can Do to Freshen Up Your Space

Many individuals feel the urge to freshen up their homes or offices during the spring season. And while the ritual of spring cleaning dates back to the 1800s, freshening up your home or business doesn’t need to be confined to spring. Here are three things you can do to immediately freshen up your space.

Clean the Carpets

One of the best ways to make your home or business feel clean again is cleaning the carpets. Carpets are notorious for catching and holding dirt, dust and stains. Carpet cleaning Waco TX companies are available to freshen up your area again. An effective steam cleaning process includes the following:

  1. Using a vacuum to get rid of loose dirt
  2. Scrubbing with a soft bristle brush to loosen soils
  3. Extracting moisture from the carpet
  4. Applying a protective coat to prevent future stains
  5. Dehumidifying for a faster dry

Wash the Windows

It’s surprising how such a simple task as washing windows makes a room feel brighter. It’s recommended to wash your windows at least twice a year so take the time to know how to perform this task like a pro. First, ditch the window cleaner and use a squirt of dishwashing liquid instead. Use a large strip applicator to wipe the windows down with this cleaner. Next, wipe the window clean with a squeegee and remove any excess water with a soft cloth.

Paint the Walls

Another great option for freshening up a space is paint. Paint is fairly inexpensive and a new paint color quickly brightens up a room. Consider selecting a neutral paint color, such as white or gray, because it coordinates well with everything.

3 Things You Can Do to Freshen Up Your SpaceFreshening up your space doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. Clean the carpets, wash the windows and paint the walls to quickly and effectively transform your space.

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