How To Plant a Tree In Your Yard

How To Plant a Tree In Your Yard

Warm weather is here and you are looking for something to shade your home and yard. Trees can keep these areas cool from the sun as well as turn the carbon dioxide in the air that can harm you into oxygen. Here are a few steps to follow to plant a tree on your property. 

Decide On a Tree

Before you start planting, contact your local arborist marietta ga to find out what types of trees will grow best in the area that you live in. Decide which one will best suit what you are looking for then go purchase it. You will want to get all the tools you will need for the job also. Take into consideration how large it will grow and think about the general area that you want to plant it in. If you get one that will have large roots and plant it near your house, it could cause damage.

Find a Place To Plant

Examine your yard and decide where you want to plant your tree. Take note of the items around the area, such as your house, a fence, or a deck. If there is a chance the tree could hurt these as it grows, find another place for it. Once you have selected a spot, call the utility hotline in your area to have the underground lines around the area you plan to work in marked. This prevents you from hitting one on accident when you dig and possibly harming you.

Get the Ground Ready

Excavate the dirt that is about the same depth and diameter as the pot that your tree came home in. Once it is ready, gently pull the tree from the container and loosen the packed soil from the roots. Set the tree into the hole you made and fill in the dirt around it. Place stakes around it and secure the trunk to them to keep it straight.

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