4 Signs You Need To Cut Down Your Tree

4 Signs You Need To Cut Down Your Tree

If you have trees in your yard, you want them to provide a sense of beauty and peace. When a tree becomes damaged or diseased, it can do the opposite and become an eyesore. Here are the top four signs a tree may need to be removed instead of trimmed.

Fungus Growth

Fungus growth on a tree usually grows on an already damaged tree trunk, but sometimes it can invade an otherwise healthy tree. If you notice wilting leaves or discoloration, this can be a sign fungus has become a problem. Before it leads to root rot or canker disease, it may be best to have northern Georgia tree services check it out.

Invasive Roots

If horizontal roots from your tree start growing towards other landscape features it can lead to costly repairs in the future. Roots can damage pipe and sewage lines, house foundations and concrete driveways or sidewalks. The tree will need to be cut down if the roots can’t be removed without compromising the health of the tree.

Harsh Weather

Heavy winds and rain from passing storms can decrease the stability of your tree leading to a dangerous situation. The entire tree can fall over if the ground is wet enough. Branches can get knocked off the tree when strong gusts of wind pass through. Avoid injuries when you take care of weak trees immediately after a storm.


Trees can be a lovely habitat for a variety of wildlife, but when certain bugs start to arrive it’s time to remove the tree from your property. If you see snakes, scorpions, aphids or caterpillars in and around your tree, it indicates a problem. They can carry bacteria and allergens to an already weak tree.

Before a dangerous accident happens due to a weakened or diseased tree, hire help to remove them from your landscaping.

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