3 Great Design Tips To Create a Spa-Like Bathroom

3 Great Design Tips To Create a Spa-Like Bathroom

Looking to get a relaxing spa experience from the comfort of home? Many homeowners are realizing just how much a luxurious, spa-like bathroom elevates the everyday routine and promotes relaxation and well-being. Follow these three design tips to create your very own at-home spa.

1. Develop a Great Layout

Whether you’re creating a new bathroom from scratch or renovating an existing one, there’s one thing a spa-like bathroom needs – space. Consult expert St Louis home remodeling contractors to develop the perfect layout for your restful retreat. One design tip that you should follow is the “three-in-a-row” rule that places your main bathroom features – sink, toilet and tub – in a row. It’s a classic layout that’s simple and efficient.

2. Incorporate Nature

Create balance and harmony in your upgraded bathing space by incorporating natural elements into the design. You can do this by using natural wood accents for your bathroom shelving and accessories. There are cheaper ways to bring nature indoors, too, by adding some potted plants to the room. Aloe vera, Chinese evergreen and staghorn ferns all thrive in a bathroom environment and add interesting color and texture to any room.

3. Add Surround Sound

One thing that most spas have in common is that they try to address each of the sense in a pleasant way, and that includes the sense of hearing. Everyone enjoys a little music in the bathroom, whether you’re taking your morning shower or a relaxing soak in the tub at the end of the day. As part of your bathroom project, install surround sound with Bluetooth technology that allows you to ditch the old bathroom stereo for a contemporary option.

At-home spas have never been more sophisticated, and it’s also never been easier to have one of your own. Follow these tips and enjoy a bathroom that truly enhances your comfort at home.

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