What To Know About Industrial Air Conditioning Maintenance

What To Know About Industrial Air Conditioning Maintenance

At any industrial site, air conditioning is of paramount importance. The people and products within the space have a narrow band of temperature for optimal operation, and if your air conditioning system isn’t working efficiently you’ll begin to notice issues like high utility bills. Here’s why you should pay special attention to your maintenance schedule. 

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

The industrial air conditioning service Corpus Christi has will benefit your business in three core ways. First and foremost, preventative service ensures your air conditioners are working at peak efficiency, which can have a huge impact in reducing the costs of operation. 

Second, maintenance will increase the lifespan of each unit. This puts off the cost and stress involved in securing a new unit earlier than you should need to. 

Last, but not least, technicians can identify potential problems and fix them before they result in a failure that can negatively affect your business. 

What the Professionals Do

During maintenance, your technician will perform a variety of routine checks to make sure everything is in order. They will inspect and clean the coils, condensate drain and blower components and add any lubrication that may be necessary. They will also test electrical parts. 

The tech will make sure your system can operate efficiently by checking refrigerant levels, which also prevents low refrigerant from harming the compressor.

A full diagnostics inspection ensures the thermostat and overall system are working safely, and a check for duct leaks will make sure your units aren’t losing already-conditioned air. 

Depending on what the technician finds, there may be some preventative repairs to complete to ensure nothing in the unit is damaged or fails unexpectedly. 

While you or another employee can do some simple maintenance like cleaning filters and fins and visually checking that no vents are blocked, it’s always best to set up a regular maintenance schedule so a professional can scope out any problems you wouldn’t notice. 

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