What Causes Oriental Rug Color Runs?

What Causes Oriental Rug Color Runs?

Oriental rugs add beauty to your home’s decor. Available in a plethora of designs, motifs and colors, they provide a vibrant accent to any room in which they reside. Unfortunately, like all rugs, they can become soiled over time and with use. Furthermore, you may notice the unattractive blending of the rug colors occurring. Known as color runs, they can lessen the appearance of your expensive Oriental rugs; therefore, you will want to determine how to spot them and then take steps to treat them.

What Causes Color Runs?

Several factors can come into play when color runs develop in your Oriental rugs. Consequently, a business focusing on color run removal Portland, for example, will examine the carpet for these and other clues. 

The color runs may be due to one or more typical circumstances. For instance, one of the primary causes of color runs happens if the Oriental rug gets exposed to moisture too often. Liquids like water or pet urine on a carpet can cause the colors to run. In addition, if you have taken your rug to a cleaner or tried home cleaning methods that utilized harsh chemical treatments or high heat, all of these can cause the colors in the carpet to react and bleed into each other. Finally, a color run might be due to the yarn dyes’ instability during the rug’s construction. If the manufacturer used a non-permanent dye on the yarns in the carpet or inappropriately prepared the rug yarn for its subsequent use in rug construction, later washings after the rug’s manufacture can cause the dyes to run together.

What Is the Solution for Color Runs?

The best recourse for color runs in your rugs is a thorough cleaning by professionals specializing in Oriental rug cleaning. They have the skill and expertise, not to mention appropriate tools, to clean the carpet, remove color runs and restore their original sheen and beauty. In addition, specialists in Oriental rug cleaning will handle your expensive carpets with the care and respect they deserve.

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