Understanding the Benefits of Residential Cargo Lifts

Understanding the Benefits of Residential Cargo Lifts

What was once considered a luxury for only the most elite homeowners, cargo lift elevators are becoming increasingly popular in private homes. Equal parts safe, functional, and valuable, homeowners should consider installing an elevator for their multi-story homes.

About Cargo Lifts

Traditional elevators found within commercial structures are generally found inside the building, are large enough to accommodate multiple people and cargo, and can travel at a variety of speeds for the convenience of passengers. Home lifts, on the other hand, are usually found on the outside of the house and connect to an outdoor deck or landing. Since they are outside, they must be weatherproof. While small, they are often designed to carry 1,000 pounds or more and can easily be used to carry cargo and people alike.  


While home cargo lifts are gaining popularity, they are still uncommon enough to be considered an important value-add to the home. As such, ensure the design is attractive and complimentary to the existing aesthetics of the home. Beyond the look, however, is the increase in overall safety to the home for occupants and visitors alike. Everyday life means it is inevitable that heavy furniture, boxed goods, and bulk grocery shopping items will need to be brought into the home and up one or more sets of stairs. A cargo lift eliminates the need to ever carry anything heavy on the stairs, thus greatly reducing the risk of injury due to a fall. Furthermore, as the population continues to age, the addition of a lift can help older homeowners retain their independence and stay in their homes much longer.

Rising homeowners insurance and healthcare costs, an aging population, and a volatile housing market means that any addition to the home should be both aesthetically pleasing and multifunctional. Reducing the risk of injury with a home elevator is a positive step towards protecting you and your family from both physical and financial risks, while making your home stand out from the crowd when it becomes time to sell.

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