Two Steps to a More Peaceful Life

Two Steps to a More Peaceful Life

If you feel like your life is spiraling out of control, you are not alone. A disorganized life is a huge cause of stress which affects all aspects of life. There are two main steps you can take to take back your life. It may not happen all at once, but if you stick with it, you can win the war.

Get Organized

Although it’s easier said than done, organization is possible. The first step is to declutter each room. Don’t take on the task all at once, just set aside 10 minutes to an hour every day to clear out as much space as possible. Create three bins: trash, donate, and undecided. After you fill up an “undecided” box, tape it shut and put it in the garage with a date on it. If you haven’t missed anything from that box after three months, donate it without opening it. If you’re really serious about solving the problem of too much stuff, hire a home organizer Dallas TX to help you set up a workable organizational system for your family.


Almost everything in your world can be simplified. Start with your in-box. Every day unsubscribe to at least two services. After a week, you’ll get 14 fewer emails. After a month, you’ll get 60 fewer emails. Don’t worry, if you need to order hand soap, chances are you’ll still be able to find the Bath and Body Works website even without their daily sale blast. Even if you never buy anything, clicking “delete” on 20-30 emails a day is time consuming.

Once you’ve sorted out your email, downsize your wardrobe. Pack your 10 favorite outfits and see how long you can live out of your suitcase without ever missing the other pieces. Creating a capsule wardrobe means you can spend your time and money on other things that you love.

Taking control of your life will reduce your stress and probably save you money. Organization and simplification are two key ingredients to a more peaceful life.

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