Top Tips for Construction Work Zone Safety

Top Tips for Construction Work Zone Safety

As a construction project manager, you’re responsible for all aspects of project progress. Your clients expect you to deliver the completed job according to the agreed-upon schedule and budget. Your bosses look to you to be a good steward of company resources, and your crews expect you to lead them from beginning to end. Safety is an important metric for job performance. Here are ways to prioritize safety on your projects.

Developing a Safety Plan

If you don’t have a plan, how can you anticipate and prepare for problems? Construction sites involve mistake-making humans, dangerous equipment and hazardous conditions. From power tools, heavy machinery and working at high elevations, there are many risks to job safety. What happens when there’s an incident? Do you have a different procedure when there’s a near-miss incident? How often is the work zone reviewed for safety and who does the review? Have you purchased the right construction safe equipment Bronx NY? All these questions should be answered with a proactive plan.

Equipping Your Team

Personal protective equipment is a must for any project. Wearable gear such as hard hats, reflective vests, safety goggles and hard-toe boots help keep workers and visitors safe in active work zones. As the project manager, you must make sure that everyone has the right PPE when on the job. Some gear such as boots will be procured by each team member, while other items such as ear plugs and gloves should be provided by the company for anyone that needs them.

Training Your People

Knowledge is power and as the leader, it is your duty to make sure employees are trained with respect to safety. Skilled workers should be certified to operate specialized equipment. Everyone should have site-specific safety training such as working in confined spaces, on ladders and other areas as appropriate.

Safety is critical to any construction job, no matter how big or small. As the project manager, providing safe working conditions should be a priority. Having a plan, providing PPE and adequate training help make your projects safer and thus, more successful.

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