Tips For Building Managers

Tips For Building Managers

Managing a commercial building can sometimes become a complicated job. You’re responsible for everything from escalator repair and maintenance to decorating for the holidays. These vital reminders can get you started on overseeing your commercial property in an efficient and thorough way.

1. Document Everything

Part of being an effective building manager is making sure to save every relevant piece of information over time. This can result in a binder full of contact info for plumbers and electricians, and it can also mean keeping extensive Excel documents full of communications with contractors. You will always find a need to pull up old information later, so having everything within an arm’s reach is important.

2. Prioritize Effectively

Your position most likely runs you ragged five days a week, and you probably end up taking more work home with you for the weekend. There are endless to-do lists when you’re a building manager. It is vitally important, both for the success of your position and your own health, to maintain a schedule that prioritizes truly time-sensitive tasks and allows other things to come later. Delegate the routine chores, such as stocking the kitchen cabinets, whenever possible to lighten your mental burden.

3. Take Notes

As you run around the building taking care of multiple tasks, you’re probably fielding questions and receiving information along the way. If you’re like most building managers, you have little sticky notes floating around your desk with phone numbers and names. When you eventually get around to looking over these reminders, you may find you’ve forgotten what they mean. Find an effective way of taking and consolidating your notes, such as an app for iPads, that you can carry everywhere with you.

Your job as a building manager requires you to master a multitude of duties, but these tips can help you find your footing and improve your job performance immediately. 

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