Three Tips to Remain Safe From a Wildfire

Three Tips to Remain Safe From a Wildfire

Wildfires are a year-round threat in the state of California. Residents in the Golden State need to be prepared for a blaze at any time – and with very little warning. Here are three tips to help individuals remain safe from a wildfire.

1. Be Alert and Aware of Surroundings

While a blaze can occur at any time, the months of October through April may create especially dangerous conditions for wildfires to erupt due to the possibility of very high winds and extremely dry weather. Therefore, it may be beneficial to constantly be aware of the surroundings. Watching the news and keeping an eye on mobile phone apps for weather updates is critical. If a blaze has ignited a nearby area, it is vital to receive an alert about it and be informed as soon as possible. Additionally, if any smoke is visible or if smoke can be smelled in the air, it may be time to immediately evacuate.

2. Prepare the Home Ahead of Time

It may be advantageous to prepare the residence to help avoid a fire from damaging or destroying the property. Removing dry shrubbery – as well as installing fire resistant windows and using fire resistant roofing materials, for example – may help to protect a house in a firestorm. It may also be a good idea to examine the neighborhood for any problems that need to be repaired. For example, in the neighborhood if there is a fire hydrant leak California residents should report the issue and ensure that it is fixed.

3. Create an Evacuation Plan

Coming up with an evacuation plan in the event of a wildfire is vital. It may be useful to pack a bag with important paperwork and documents – as well as food, medications and water – that will be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Additionally, it may be helpful to map out multiple escape routes from a city if certain roads or freeways are impassable.

Wildfires can be devastating and can be very unpredictable. However, being prepared may help keep residents and their families safe when flames are close by.

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