Save Money on Tools for Your Next Project

Save Money on Tools for Your Next Project

So, you’ve been inspired by the latest home renovation show for a DIY video you saw while scrolling through your socials. You know exactly where you want to apply what you saw in your own home and you’re on your way to buy all the supplies you need, then it hits you: you don’t own most of the tools that were used to put your dream project together, and they’re all expensive enough that it seems foolish to purchase them for what is more than likely a one-time use. Fortunately for you, you don’t need to put your project back on the shelf. There are plenty of alternatives to purchasing specialty tools so you can still bring your vision to life and save money.

Equipment Rentals

Most renovation projects require special equipment to ensure that everything comes together correctly. There’s a big difference between a nail driven in by a hammer and one driven by a powered nail fun, especially when an amateur is doing the work. Many home improvement retailers and other businesses have begun offering rentals of equipment for projects like flooring and carpet installations, as well as other tools. If you’re renting pneumatic tools, make sure you look in air compressor rentals Jacksonville FL as well, since you’ll need a compressor to be able to operate those tools.


While it’s always best to get large equipment like compressors or generators from a business so you can be sure the equipment is functioning properly and safely, it’s likely that you can borrow smaller tools from family and friends who may own them. If you don’t live near anyone you know who owns the tools you need, you can always look into a tool library. Before borrowing any equipment, make sure you understand how it works so you can operate it safely.

Taking on a DIY project can save you money on hiring contractors, but can also mean spending money on tools you don’t have. By looking into rental and borrowing options near you, you can save money and still complete your project.

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