Reduce the Risk of Welding Burns With These Tips

Reduce the Risk of Welding Burns With These Tips

While many skilled laborers professionals experience some degree of danger in their line of work, those who operate as welders have in an increased risk of bodily injury. From burns to radiation exposure, welders need to take extra care to protect themselves from harm. With the right personal protective equipment and working with the highest quality heavy duty wire feeding system, welders can ensure they reduce the risk of injury. Here are several other tips for creating a safe working environment.

1. Always Read the Manual

Carefully reading through the owner’s or operating manual for a piece of equipment will inform you on safety information. It will often give instructions on the proper and safe way of operating the equipment, as well as list potential problems to be aware of. Everyone who intends to operate the machine should know the different components and how they work.

2. Keep All Skin Covered

There is a high risk of painful burns from welding equipment, but any skin left exposed can be affected by damaging infrared and ultraviolet rays. All shirt collars and cuff on the arms should be buttoned to avoid exposing skin but also catching sparks. The pant legs shouldn’t be cuffed nor should pocket flaps be left unbuttoned or opened, as these can also catch sparks.

3. Safety Clothing Isn’t Optional

PPE should be a mandatory part of your welding workspace. The proper face shield, gloves and flame-resistant clothing can reduce the potential for skin damage from sparks and the welding arc. Never wear short-sleeved shirts or shorts when operating welding equipment. Your shoes should be high-top leather boots to provide the best foot protection, with the pant leg going over the top of the boot.

Safety should always be a priority with dangerous jobs like welding. The more attention you pay to your surroundings, the equipment and your safety gear, the better the chances that you can make it through your shift without an injury or safety incident.

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