Quick Tips for Marble Upkeep

Quick Tips for Marble Upkeep

Marble can be challenging and frustrating to maintain. If you are not careful, you might be left with a huge and expensive mistake that is almost impossible to fix.

This article provides a few tips for proper marble care. See below to start protecting your marble from damage today.

Use the Right Cleaning Supplies

Everyday household cleaning supplies can leave surface damage or dull your marble. Use the appropriate marble cleaners to ensure a smooth, polished look.

Clean Spills Right Away

If you spill anything on marble or have heavy traffic coming through your marble floors, make sure to clean it right away. It’s much easier to wipe marble clean right away than it is to get rid of stains. If you do have an unsightly stain, consider hiring a professional for marble refinishing Manhattan NY.

Watch Out for Acidic Foods

Acids are corrosive to marble. Watch out for cleaning products, fruit juices, sauces and coffee, which can etch your marble if left for too long. Wipe your precious marble countertops clean after every cooking session to avoid corrosion.

Avoid Direct Heat and Moisture

Use coasters and oven pads to protect your marble countertops. Never put anything hot directly onto marble, and avoid leaving glasses that perspire on bare marble. If you aren’t careful, you will get unsightly water rings or burn marks.

Sweep Up the Dirt

 A quick sweep and mop of your marble floors will go a long way to preserving their polished look. If left for too long, dirt can scratch the marble surface and make it look dull.

Consider a Marble Sealant

Marble sealer is a great preventative maintenance tip that will make upkeep much more manageable. Not all marble needs a marble sealer, though, so consult with a professional before making any decisions.

Marble countertops and floors are beautiful when regularly cleaned and polished. Marble is slightly more difficult to maintain compared to wood, tile and laminates. However, if you are willing to put in the time, a marble surface makes your home shine.

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