Loving Your New Life in Key Largo

Loving Your New Life in Key Largo

Stretching from below Miami to a mere 90 miles from Cuba, the Florida Keys are America’s tropical paradise. Each has its own distinctive charms and attractions. The gateway to the Keys, Key Largo is the longest island, and one of the most popular, with a booming business in real estate homes Key Largo Florida for former vacationers who fell in love with the beautiful beaches, watersports, and laid-back community vibes.

So Close, Yet So Far Away

Much of the Keys’ unique atmosphere stems from their isolation. Surrounded by water, the Keys are linked by the Overseas Highway, which runs for over 100 miles to Key West, a good three-hour drive from Miami. Key Largo is the first island along the highway and the closest to the mainland, barely an hour from the heart of urban South Florida. For access to city amenities without having to live right in the chaos, Key Largo is the ideal destination.

A Natural Retreat

Tourist resorts notwithstanding, Key Largo and the Upper Keys are still famed for their scenic wonders and sporting opportunities. Sandwiched between the Everglades on the west and John Pennekamp State Park on the east, Key Largo nature-lovers can enjoy endless sightseeing, kayaking, snorkeling, sport-fishing, and especially diving excursions directly offshore. Fishing and scuba aficionados move here to take advantage of Key Largo’s conditions all year long. As a bonus, residents are blessed with a bounty of spectacular sunsets.

A Cool Community in a Warm Climate

Key Largo is more than its ecological environment; It’s a real community with a full spectrum of services for locals and visitors. While Key West is party central, Key Largo’s diversity of shops, bars and restaurants are more low-key overall, but no less dynamic. Fresh seafood and Cuban cuisine are especially popular, but they’re far from all that’s on offer. From upscale to casual, chains to boutiques, you’ll find it all on Key Largo.

Every Florida key is special in its own way, but Key Largo could be the best for long-term living. Look for a home here and see for yourself.

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