Know the Facts About Aerodrome Certification

Know the Facts About Aerodrome Certification

If you plan on operating an aerodrome of almost any size, you will be required to have an aerodrome certificate. The aerodrome certification is sponsored by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and allows people to own and operate an aerodrome.

What Is an Aerodrome?

Before you can know if you need an aerodrome certification, it would be helpful to know exactly what an aerodrome actually is. An aerodrome is any area of land or water that will be used either in part or wholly in the movement of aircraft. This includes the arrival and departure, as well as any other sort of movement, of aircraft.

Who Needs to Apply for Aerodrome Certification?

Not everyone who operates an aerodrome will have to apply for an aerodrome certificate. Those who have one runway that meets the following criteria are required to apply for an aerodrome certificate: – A passenger seating capacity greater than thirty passengers – A carrying capacity that is higher than 3,400 kilograms (7,495 pounds) – Availability for regular public transport operations or charter operations If an aerodrome does not meet the criteria for certification, they may still apply for registration. In some cases, aerodromes open for public use with a non-precision approach are required to at least be registered. 

What are the Eligibility Requirements for Aerodrome Certification? 

To be eligible to apply for an aerodrome certificate, you must meet a set list of eligibility requirements: – You must be the operator of an aerodrome – Ensure compliance with the Manual of Standards for a certified aerodrome – Have procedures and provisions for the safety of aircraft in place – Prepare an aerodrome manual that is fully compliant – Show that you know and understand how to operate an aerodrome – Ensure the employees are adequately skilled and trained for the job

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