How to Reduce Your Roof’s Extra Weight

How to Reduce Your Roof’s Extra Weight

Flat rooves tend to carry the most weight in the winter, as snow can pile up. However, snow isn’t the only thing that can add weight to a roof. It is important to keep a roof’s weight low so that it has less of a chance of caving in or otherwise receiving damage. Below are some things that add weight to a roof and tips on how to reduce that weight.

Gravel Removal

Sometimes, flat rooves will have gravel on top of them. While having some gravel on top of a roof is not usually a problem, having too much can add unnecessary weight to the roof. This happens most often when a business or home owner adds new gravel to the top of the roof without first removing the old gravel. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to go about flat roof gravel removal. One of the most common ways is to remove excess gravel is to vacuum it off (with a professional roof vacuuming machine). 

Snow Removal

Snow can also weigh heavily on all roof types, but especially on flat rooves. This is because, on flat rooves, snow builds up instead of sliding off of the roof (like would happen on a slanted roof). There are a few ways to clear snow off a roof. If you have a flat roof, then getting up on the roof (or hiring a professional to do so) and shoveling it off can help. If you have a slanted roof, try using a snow rake to scrape the excess snow off the roof. With both methods, you can then shovel away the snow once it hits the ground.

Whether your roof is a bit heavy due to gravel or snow, there are simple ways to deal with these problems quickly. Try the above tips to lighten your roof’s load.

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