How to Prepare for Your First Year of College

Going to college is a whole new chapter of your life. It’s exciting, but there’s a lot you have to do to prepare before heading off to school. Although your university will help you develop your class schedule and other on campus things, here are a few items you should check off your list before you get there. 

Find Housing

You’ll need to find housing unless you’re planning on living at home and going to school close by. Some students choose to live in dorms on campus, but you can also find other types of student housing Los Angeles CA. You can also look for houses or apartments for rent in the area although many students choose to do this after their freshmen year. 


Depending on when you plan to go home, you may not need to pack all of your clothes. You can always bring your winter clothes after Thanksgiving or have them shipped from home. In addition to clothes, you’ll toiletries and other essentials. You’ll also need to have sheets that will fit your new bed. Some people also like to get a mini fridge for the dorm. 


With social media as popular as it is, you’ll can now connect with people going to the same college as you before you even get there. There are usually groups online for your school and class so that you get the chance to talk and make friends before you get there. This can help ease some of the stress of going off to school. Many people even find a roommate this way. 

These are some of the main things you should do in advance, but your school may also have a checklist to help you out as well. Be sure to enjoy your summer, but don’t put everything off until the end. Getting things done sooner rather than later can help make your transition a lot smoother. 

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