How to Make Your Pool Area Special

How to Make Your Pool Area Special

Creating a beautiful and comfortable outdoor pool space will make time spent in your backyard even more special. There are several components that you can focus on to bring this about. 

Design a One-of-a-Kind Pool

Not all pools need to be rectangular. Free form pools are flexible and work with non-generic shaped backyards. Designing a pool with curved edges and unusual details adds a wow factor to your backyard. Consider adding extra water features such as a waterfall or spray area. Colored lights create a fun vibe and a zero edge is visually stunning.

Create a Focal Point

Aside from the pool, the backyard needs a focal point for the non-swimmers or for when the weather isn’t right to take a dip. Comfortable seating is a must. Center your outdoor lounge area around handcrafted architectural elements such as ornate fireballs or bold fire totems. If you have the space, build an outdoor kitchen with a bar area for casual get-togethers.

Plant Dramatic Foliage

A brick-lined flower bed with petunias is fine, but to create something really special, envision the landscaping as part of the whole concept. Types of bamboo can be planted to enhance privacy or to discreetly hide an outdoor shower. A stone walkway looks magnificent with natural low-water plants between each paver. A terraced patio can showcase soft grass between each step. Large pots overflowing with flowering vines can be scattered across the deck area. Plants can help create layers in an otherwise flat backyard landscape. Start with a canopy of banana trees, for example, whose leaves are large enough not to clog pool drains, and layer hedges and flowers beneath them for depth.

A pool and backyard area can really be considered an extended living area if it’s made comfortable and beautiful enough that family and friends will want to spend their time in it. Adding some lovely elements both natural and man-made will help create the perfect atmosphere.

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