How To Maintain Your Electrical Panel

How To Maintain Your Electrical Panel

Most homeowners only think about their electrical panel when a breaker is tripped, and it is often the first stop you make if your lights go out while the neighbor’s stay on. There are some maintenance tasks that you will need to add to your routine, however, to keep this panel accessible and allow it to function safely.

Clear the Area

When asked about panel maintenance, the first piece of advice electrical contractors Washington DC firms will offer is to keep the pathways to the unit clear. You will also want to keep the area around the panel free of dust and debris. Having a clear path to your unit and a clean area around it makes it safer and easier for you to check the breakers in an outage; it can also keep dust, debris, and pests away from the panel and wires connected to it. As you dust the area, be sure to look for scorch marks, tripped breakers and other signs of electrical problems like the smell of burning dust or buzzing sounds.

Keep It Tidy

Not only will you want to keep the area around your panel and connected outlets clean and clear of debris, but you will also want to keep your electrical system tidy as well. A neat system means making sure you are not overloading the outlets, any cords plugged in are in good repair, and the breakers are clearly labeled in a way you can understand. With a tidy and well-maintained panel, it is easier for professionals to upgrade, inspect and repair your home’s electrical system.

The electrical panel in your home is an essential piece of equipment that most homeowners only think about when a breaker trips or an outlet does not work. If you keep the areas around the panel clean and clear of dust and debris and keep the breaker labels and outlets tidy, you will have an easier time diagnosing and fixing home electrical issues.

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