Getting Your House Ready for Summer Storms

Getting Your House Ready for Summer Storms

Every summer, storms become more severe thanks to the humid air, changing wind patterns, and high temperatures. Usually, you only worry about your outdoor plans getting canceled when the forecast calls for rain. No matter what season it is, though, you also need to prepare for these issues that storms cause.

Roof Damage

When winds are strong enough, they knock over trees and send debris flying everywhere. The combination of these events increases your roof’s chances of getting damaged. To prepare for storm season, if your roof is around 30 years old, invest in a new roof installation Killeen TX. Then, cut down hanging branches or dead trees that threaten to fall on your new roof. 

Flood Damage

Generally, severe flooding only happens near large bodies of water when an area is at or below sea level. For example, if you have a beach house within sight of the Atlantic Ocean, you have a much greater risk of flooding than if you’re staying in the Appalachian Mountains. During hurricanes and other torrential storms, though, almost any location can experience flooding. If floodwaters get into your house, they damage your furniture, walls, and flooring. They also cause problems with your electrical system. Outside your house, serious floods prevent access to grocery stores, hospitals, and other necessities.

To keep your house safe from flood damage, purchase sandbags and place them at every door. Ensure that all windows and doors are properly caulked, and invest in flood insurance if your current homeowner’s plan doesn’t cover water damage.

Summer storms bring cooler temperatures, and lightning shows are fun to watch. However, as a homeowner, you must take these steps during the offseason to ensure that your house is safe. That way, you can celebrate summer without worrying extra about impending hurricanes, tornadoes, or other summer storms.

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