Caring for Antiques of All Kinds

Caring for Antiques of All Kinds

Antiques are a great way to add a little history to your home. Perhaps it’s an antique quilt from your family, an antique table you found at an auction, or a collection of old books that adorns the wall of your office or library. Antiques are a great addition to any home, but they do require special care. The number one thing that reduces the value of your antique is damage. Time adds value, but wear and tear detract from it. 


Textiles are an important part of many antiques of all kinds, whether it’s upholstered furniture or cloth-bound books. Different textiles require different care depending on the material, age and even climate. For example, the care and keeping of your great-grandmother’s heirloom fur coat in Florida is going to be very different from the correct care of oriental rugs Portland.


When you think of antiques around the home, you’re probably thinking more about the wood furniture handed down from your parents or grandparents. Wooden furniture makes for a beautiful addition to any home and comes in a wide range of styles. You already know to use a coaster with hot and cold drinks, but you should also look into the benefits of wood conditioner, furniture polish and other ways of restoring the finish and preserving the integrity of wooden antiques. 


There is perhaps no antique item more beloved than old books, but paper products are particularly vulnerable to the damage of pests, sunlight, and handling. Be careful with your paper-based antiques in order to properly preserve them for future generations. 

Old things need a little TLC, whether they are pets, people or your beloved antiques. Make sure that they will continue to be an ornament and an item of value for years to come by taking good care of your antique items, no matter what type of antique they are.

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