Careers for Those Interested in Artificial Intelligence

Careers for Those Interested in Artificial Intelligence

Oxford Languages defines artificial intelligence as “the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.” This is a topic that has greatly interested many people, and you might be considering a career that uses artificial intelligence in your daily work. Some of those jobs include linguistics, software engineering and computer science.


There are several programs that use artificial intelligence for voice recognition. This allows devices like cell phones to execute voice commands. A linguist helps software developers adapt the program to recognize different voices and to pick up commands correctly. A linguist typically has at least a bachelor’s degree; many go on to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree as well.

Software Engineering

Software engineers work to develop programs that help consumers use products more effectively. Artificial intelligence Durham NC is a complex system, and it requires much research and tweaking to perfect. This branch of engineering focuses on helping businesses improve applications and products, and they often use client feedback to improve software. A bachelor’s degree in this specialized field is needed to get started in this career.

Computer Science

Understanding the complex mechanisms of computers is no easy task. Computer scientists spend years of training learning about computer algorithms, processes and computer design. These individuals can be instrumental in developing quality artificial intelligence systems as they understand more about computer systems than most. A bachelor’s degree is required for most entry-level positions in this field, but some may choose to obtain a master’s degree in a specialized branch of computer science. 

Technology has changed so much in the last century, and careers in this market are booming. For more information about one of these specific careers, consider job shadowing a linguist, software engineer or computer scientist. You can then get an idea of where you belong in the artificial intelligence world.

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