4 Lesser Known Plastic Surgeries

4 Lesser Known Plastic Surgeries

The term “plastic surgery” often gets jokingly associated with plastic fashion dolls, but the name comes from the Greek “plastikos” which means “to shape”. While a good plastic surgeon can restore a youthful appearance, some people actually find plastic surgery beneficial in other ways.

Breast Reduction

People like to think “bigger is better”, but the weight of large breasts can cause neck and back problems as well as affect mobility. Breast reduction can literally take the weight off your shoulders.

It can be for men too. While it tends to be more of an aesthetic concern than a health one, seeking out board certified plastic surgeons in NC for breast reduction can increase quality of life and improve self-image.

Cheiloplasty and Palatoplasty

These are used to treat cleft lips and cleft palates respectively. Sometimes during pregnancy a baby’s mouth doesn’t come together and form in a way that’s functional. Plastic surgery to fix cleft lips and palates typically happens when a child is a year old. It can lead to normal speech development and reduce trouble eating. It can also improve health, preventing issues with teeth—or even ear infections—later on in life.

Scar Revision

Sometimes the stories behind scars are great drinking tales, but sometimes they’re just simply a burden. Scars can reduce range of movement, and even if they don’t, they can be unwelcome reminders of times and places better left forgotten. Scar revision can even out skin texture and color, either reducing the problem area or removing it entirely, letting life continue as normal.


This is a surgery that happens after signifigant weightloss. It’s a no-frills tummy tuck, removing excess skin from the lower stomach. Excess skin can interfere with movement, lead to chaffing and skin infections, and the weight can be exhausting to carry around. This helps restore mobility and increases comfort, allowing the patient to continue their progress.

Plastic surgery isn’t meant for only the rich and famous. It can improve everyone’s lives, increasing functionality and well-being.

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