4 Huge Storm Cleanup Tips for Your Yard

When a massive storm comes tearing through your area and pounds at your home, you can be sure your house is doing its best to protect you and your family. The tornado, hurricane, ice storm, or flooding can wreak havoc on your yard in seconds as the destructive forces of nature impact what was once a beautifully manicured area. Here are four tips on how you can clean your yard after a massive storm.

1. Water

Any collection of water you find in your yard can pose a danger to your family. From storm drain backups to sewer overflows, the water can contain blackwater that may cause health problems. Notify your local authorities about the situation and ask for help.

2. Trees

Many types of storms love to tear at trees as if they were fingers extending from the earth – ripping at the limbs, knocking saplings over, and breaking old trees in half. After the storm has passed your area, call in the tree removal services Youngsville to remove leftover stumps and broken trees. Make sure you take pictures for your insurance company before the trees are removed.

3. Debris

If the storm was a particularly violent one, there could be broken glass and excessive debris all over your yard. Along with leaves, stones, furniture, and other rubble, you may find yourself locating shingles that were torn from your roof. Find a nearby emergency disposal unit and take all the garbage there as you clear your yard. The sun will dry the soggy yard and help your garden grow again.

4. Drainage

Your home’s storm drains and gutters are especially susceptible to the hostile forces nature sometimes throws around. Make sure the channels are still secured to your home and the downspout diverts water away from the building. Have a professional check the storm drains if there is any backup visible.

After a big storm hits your home, make sure you take steps to protect it in case another storm strikes. In return, your home will protect you against the rain, cold, and snow that batters the building.

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