3 Things To Inspect Before You Buy a New Home

3 Things To Inspect Before You Buy a New Home

You have found your dream home. The layout is exactly what you’ve wanted with the perfect number of bedrooms, just the right living area and architecture you adore. But, before signing the bottom line on the mortgage, you might want to have a few things checked just in case. After all, homes, whether new or old, could have flaws, and these defects could cause your dreams to bust. The following are three things to have inspected before the final sale.

1. The Electrical Wires

The electrical wires run throughout the entire house, servicing rooms all over. Hidden within walls, these wires could fail and lead to a potential fire. To avoid complications, allow someone who understands electrical service upgrades Philadelphia PA to examine the entire building and determine whether changes should be made to provide better security.

2. The Roof

Roofs are an expensive item to replace. Ensure that this element is in good condition before closing. A specialist climbs up top, evaluating the shingles and flashing. Shingles can deteriorate from the weather with wind and rain. Wind and hail could even dent the pieces, exposing the element to wind and rain. A whole-house replacement could be enough to break this deal.

3. The Plumbing

Older pipes may leak within the walls and crawlspace, allowing moisture accrual. This water retention could cost a new owner more than a replacement part. In addition, mold and mildew could be growing, hidden well out of sight. This hazard could demand a full overhaul, requiring residents to tear out drywall and rely on restoration cleaning services.

The real estate market is vast, providing ample opportunity to locate a house you may cherish. However, before getting swept up in your decision, do some homework. Have specialists inspect the electrical devices, roofing and pipes. With these three foundations in place, you could enjoy a bit more security. 

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