3 Things to Do Before Getting a Pet

3 Things to Do Before Getting a Pet

If you have made the decision to get a pet, you are likely excited and perhaps a bit nervous. Here are 3 things that you should do before your new best friend comes home. 

Purchase Necessary Items

This may seem silly, but many people bring pets home without procuring the necessary items beforehand. Before your pet comes to stay, ensure that you have essentials such as a crate, a collar or harness with tags, appropriate toys and chews, and food for starters. Trips to the pet store will happen numerous times in the first few weeks but don’t set yourself up for failure by starting with nothing.

Understand Associated Costs

Pets cost way more than their initial purchase price. Be sure that you understand the ongoing costs and can afford them before making the commitment to a pet. It is also smart to look into pet health insurance Edina MN to cover as much vet care as possible. Costly accidents do happen, but the right insurance policy can help to keep costs down and get your pet back to being healthy.

Pet-Proof Your Home

If there are certain areas of your home that you don’t want your pet to have access to, gate them off before the animal arrives. Also, pet-proof rooms where they are allowed by doing things such as hiding cords that could be easily chewed on and removing any small items that could become dangerous chew toys. Once your pet adapts to life in your home, you can likely remove some of these safeguards, but you should begin by keeping things as safe as possible until the pet is trained.

Getting a pet is extremely rewarding, but it is important not to let your excitement get in the way of proper preparations. Follow these tips and you will have a successful start to your relationship.

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