3 Reasons To Hire a Land Surveyor

3 Reasons To Hire a Land Surveyor

Surveyors provide specialized knowledge that can be essential in many circumstances involving residential or commercial real estate. Whether you are buying a home or working in commercial land development, you may find many advantages of hiring a professional surveyor. Here are some circumstances that can benefit from a land surveyor’s expertise.

1. Property Boundary Disputes

In some areas, especially rural ones, property boundaries aren’t always clear or well-marked, which can lead to disputes with neighbors or county officials. A land surveyor hernando county fl can perform accurate measurements to create detailed maps showing where the boundaries are actually located. 

2. Easement Concerns

Easements are common in both residential and commercial real estate. They typically give access to people other than the property owner for specific purposes, such as maintaining utilities. Easements can affect development plans, so it is essential to know about them before buying real estate. The location and details of the easement may require you to change the design of your proposed construction or share access to your driveway with a neighbor. 

3. New Construction Plans

Building a home or a commercial structure requires detailed planning. You must ensure your design works with the topography of the land and meets building code requirements for structural strength and water drainage. A professional survey can give you all the information you need to make the right design decisions. Surveyors can help decide where the foundation should be so it can meet tie-in requirements and can help you determine how to work around natural features such as streams and rocks.

Land surveyors provide essential services to property owners, real estate developers, and government organizations. You may want to hire a surveyor when you have a boundary dispute with a neighbor or want to find out about existing easements in a property before purchasing it. Surveyors can also help during the design phase of new construction, providing advice about where to place the foundation to work well with the existing topography.

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